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Galilee Baptist Church

1867 – 2017


Galilee Baptist Church was found in 1867 by a group of baptized believers in Jesus Christ.  Being strong in their faith they assembled in each individual’s homes to worship.  Their meetings were long and filled with The Holy Spirit.  Eventually their attendance outgrew the homes and needed to search for a more suitable place to worship and soon began to meet in a local bush arbor………


Rev  Hiram Clements

Served as pastor from 1867 - 1879

Rev Rouse Mason  |  Reverend Jim Harris |   Reverend Richard Walden  

(Associate Ministers)

Rev  J. L. Harris 

(pastor from 1879 – 1907)

Rev Solomon N. Daughtrey

(pastor 1907 – 1935)

Rev C. P. Madison

(pastor  1935 – 1941)

Rev Dr. Hylton L. James

(pastor  1941 – 1943)

Rev Robert E. Brown

(pastor 1943 – 1961)

Rev Theodore H. Wood 

(pastor 1963-1965)

Rev Abraham I. Walton, Sr 

(pastor 1967 – 1974)

Rev Victor P. Wells 

(pastor 1976 – 1984)

Rev William E. Ruffin 

(pastor 1985 – 1986)

Rev Willie Lowell Diggs 

(pastor 1988  -  present) 


Installed April 17, 1988 and continues to lead Galilee into the new millennium and continues on into the  future

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